Portfolio - Whiskey, Leather, Smoke and Vanilla

Portfolio - Whiskey, Leather, Smoke and Vanilla


8 oz, 100% soy wax, all natural and phthalate free. Whiskey, Leather, Smoke and Vanilla. This candle’s fragrance is inspired by Robert Mapplethorpe’s 1980’s self-portraits.

Hand crafted with all natural fragrances and clean burning soy wax by Mario Elias in San Francisco, California.

Approximately 45 hours burn time. Do not burn for more than 3 hours at a time.

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The magic of Mapplethorpe’s presence as an artist is that he was able to create a persona in the greater art community that could bring not only Queer portraiture to the greater masses, but he also brought fringe and marginalized communities and set them uncomfortably close to people’s faces. One quick glance through X Portfolio and you know exactly what I am talking about... but then you have Y Portfolio’s Floral still-lifes that feel like portraits, which are actually metaphors for dicks and ‘ginas. I mean CMON! Swoon City. And Mapplethorpe is the Mayor IMHO. Queer culture. Queer theory. Queer Expression. He wasn’t perfect, but he hits all of my faggoty heart strings. 💞😩💞His ability to take fringe and queer culture and bring the to the attention, minds and hearts of the greater art community is so mind boggling, beautiful and just awe inspiring to me. His story is tragic and otherworldly... almost seemingly crafted for us later generations.