Self-Portrait as "Grand Odalisque" by Ingres, 1814

Self-Portrait as "Grand Odalisque" by Ingres, 1814

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Silver halide print on high quality archival paper (100+ year archiving ability).

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Self-Portrait as “Grand Odalisque” by Ingres, 1814 // This painting is so so SO important to the dialogue I am trying to create by photographically reproducing these classic works of art. Queering the Male Gaze of a work like this is . This piece depicts a courtesan or concubine (a ~PROSTITUTE~, children) from behind, seemingly caught unawares. This is a voyeuristic nude painting of a sex worker. Ok. Not only is this pure objectification of an already objectified woman, Ingres distorts her proportions to elongate her spine (atleast two extra vertebrae), shrinking her head, and softening her skeletal features to nonexistence. All of this makes her seem more languid and weak, w no musculature to be seen, playing on the male’s desire of overpowering females, or conquering them. An easy target. We attack #Beyoncé for #FaceTune ‘d thighs, and the Kardashians for the Silicone Rush of 2015, and yet this idea of altering the feminine body to unrealistic levels of “perfection” have been going on for centuries. Women can’t win! I would love to see Ingres’ face looking at one of his most well known works w a brown queer sissy in place of the original subject.